Hello. I'm Allin Kempthorne. Thanks for taking the time to drop by my website. I'm sorry I can't offer you a cup of tea or anything, but that's not how the web works.

I'm an actor and magician, but you may know me for any number of other things, or indeed even under a different name! So hopefully this website will direct you to whichever version or aspect of me you want to know more about.

Character entertainers, jugglers, magicians, balloon modellers, fortune tellers and more.
Go to www.TheKempthornes.co.uk

Alan Thorn comedy magic show for cabaret, holiday parks and cruise ships.
Go to www.MagicAndMadness.co.uk

Children's magic and circus shows for birthday parties, holiday parks and community events.
Go to www.GizmoParties.co.uk

Colourful and quirky juggler and magician as seen on "Britain's Got Talent"
Go to www.MagicAndMadness.co.uk

Close-up magician for bars, restaurants, parties, dinners and drinks receptions.
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Stage, television and film actor represented by Wibbell Artiste Management.
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A four part mini-series on the variety performers of a century ago, written and presented by me.
Go to The First Stars of Vaudeville

The 2009 vampire comedy film which my wife Pamela and I wrote and starred in.
Go to The Vampires of Bloody Island

I once spent a year touring comedy clubs as Cornish stand-up Comedian Eddie Twist while filming a web series called Twisted Britain.
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I frequently use my performance skills in magic and circus to character double for film and television productions.
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Lots of photos of me in all my guises, on stage and off. Probably the quickest way to get an overview of everything I do.
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My earliest dream was to become a cartoonist for The Sun newspaper. Find out if I managed that and what led me instead into life as a performer.
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Fancy watching me walk and talk at the same time? (It's a gift!) Here's a selection of videos of my stage shows, TV and film appearances and webisodes.
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Find out about my film production company The weird World of Wibbell which produces feature films, documentaries and web content.
Go to www.wibbell.co.uk


During the 1980's I was a cartoonist for the tabloid newspapers including The Sun, the News of the World and The Daily Mirror.
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Find out about my work as a Writer
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