Allin Kempthorne is a comedy writer and performer whose extensive writing experience covers magazines and newspapers, film and television, theatre, radio, corporate game shows and children's shows and events.

Allin started out as a joke writer and cartoonist working freelance for the national tabloid newspapers, also with features in various adult comics.
He then wrote the screenplay for the feature film "The Vampires of Bloody Island", before going on to write and develop game shows for corporate and business events in 20 countries.
He toured as a stand-up comedian under the name Eddie Twist while writing. presenting and producing the Twisted Britain video series for YouTube.
In recent years Allin has concentrated mainly on writing children's shows for theatre, events and online content.

Allin is also an actor and performer in his own right and is well known for his 2018 appearance on the television show "Britain's Got Talent".

Feature Films

Allin Kempthorne has written two full length feature films for Wibbell Productions.

"The Vampires of Bloody Island" is a full length comedy feature film about a Cornish island full of vampires and was co-written with his wife Pamela Kempthorne. The film had a small cinema run and was released around the world on DVD.

"The First Stars of Vaudeville" is a lighthearted feature length documentary on the variety and vaudeville stars of the Victorian era, which Allin also presents. This is currently in the final stages of editing and a release date is expected soon.

Details of both can be found on the Wibbell Productions website.

Online Corporate Video Entertainment

Allin Kempthorne writes and performs bespoke comedy and children's entertainment shows for companies, councils and organisations. This was Allin's full time occupation during the Covid lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

This has included:
  • Over 100 children's comedy shows for schools, libraries and businesses in the UK, USA, Canada, India, France and Nigeria.

  • Many special one-off shows and presentations as Santa Claus for

  • "The Story of George and The Dragon" and "Professor Strange" videos prodiced by Wibbell Productions for Leicester City Council's online Saint Georges Festival.

Magazines and Newspaper Cartoonist

Allin has written cartoon panels, strips and features for all of the national tabloids and many of the adult comics that were popular in the 90's.
Also as a cartoonist he provided comic illustrations to several book publications.

NEWSPAPERS: The Sun, The Sunday Sport, The Daily Mirror, The News of The World, The Daily Star

MAGAZINES: Bella Magazine, The Catch Magazine

COMICS: Gutter Comic, Zit, Spit!, Gutted, Oh No!

CORPORATE:The Gordon's Guide to Juggling (for Gordon's Gin)

BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS:The Daily Mail Guide To Working From Home, Agiliwriting, Using your Z88 (All published by Glentop Press)

Find out more about his work as a cartoonist.

Children's Theatre and Magic Shows

Allin has written a great many children's theatre shows, many of which he has performed in himself. The scripts are available for licensing to other performers.

These include:
  • Santa's Naughtiest Elves. (Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch) A two-handed 45 minute children's show centered around Santa's elves packaging toys for Christmas, with magic, juggling and song.

  • Skull and Crossbones, The Potty Pirates. (Touring) A two-handed 45 minute children's show about Pirates looking for buried treasure.

  • The Inspired Lunacy Show. (Touring) A one man hourlong children's show with magic, juggling and games.

  • Wizzall the Wacky Wizard. (Touring) A one man 45 minute children's show with magic.

  • Professor Strange in Strange Magic. (Touring) As previewwd on Britain's Got Talent, this is Allin's flagship magic show, high on comedy, colour and energy and with a strong victorian carnival and steampunk feel.

Stand Up Comedy

Allin wrote and performed stand up comedy on the UK comedy club circuit under the guise of Eddie Twist, The Cornish Comedian.

He took part in the BBC New Comedian of the Year competition and played at many midscale comedy venues.

He also wrote and presented an accompanying YouTube series about his travels around the UK called "Twisted Britain".

More details are on his Eddie Twist website.

Corporate Game Shows

Allin Kempthorne has written (and often also presented) lively interactive game shows around the world for corporate clients including Hewlett Packard, Sennheiser, Asda, Emaar Properties, Oracle and Lacoste.

Highlights include:
  • Allin went to a medical convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA to write and present a multiple choice format game show on the sensitive subject of Cancer treatments for sponsor Sanofi Aventis. This involved meeting with the sponsor in Paris to correctly research the subject with the aid of their own PR department.

  • Allin wrote and presented many interactive touring game shows for the international software company Oracle. He toured these to audiences in many countries including the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Dubai, Norway, Denmark and the UK.

  • Allin wrote and directed a children's game show for the Dubai City Center Shopping Mall in Dubai, presented by the top English language radio DJ in Dubai, where children in the audience were invited to take part on stage in interactive computer games.

Magazine Articles

Allin has had several feature articles published in Mensa Megazine.

YouTube Series

Allin wrote, presented and filmed the fly on the wall ouTube series "Twisted Britain" in character as Eddie Twist, the Cornish Comedian, which followed Eddie Twist in his jopurneys around the UK for stand up comedy performances under the premise that Eddie had never been outside of Cornwall before. Eddie Twist website.

More details are on his Eddie Twist website.