Here's a whole random load of photos of me from over the years, on stage, in TV and film plus out and about in real life too.

Professor Strange flying the flag for Great Britain.

I'm just a regular card-carrying magician!

Me playing a creepy gothic clown in the TV show "Psychoville".

A promo picture on me from when I was 25.

Playing Bono from U2 in "John Bishop's Britain" for the BBC.

As Gizmo the magic elf, entertaining the visitors to The Brecon Mountain Railway for the Christmas season.

Aw, look what I found. Can we keep him?

Playing Cripple Wa in Terry Pratchett's "The Colour of Magic".

I played Marvin Acme in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" for a three week run at The Troxy in East London.

Promo picture as Alan Thorn.

A promo photo from The Inspired Lunacy Show which I performed throughout the 1990s.

wigged up in an episode of "The Legend of Dick and Dom".

That's me dressed in white Gothic attire lurking behind the Doctor in this behind the scenes shot from "Doctor Who".

The TV station E4 once cancelled their programming for a whole day and instead played looped footage of me as the test card clown.

On an episode of "Genius with Dave Gorman". Oh dear, I appear to have lost my clothes!

Back in the early 90's when I was a Covent Garden Street Entertainer

Performing with Pamela as Skull and Crossbones, the Potty Pirates.

Learning from the master. My magic teacher Jeff McBride.

Me in the role of Marvin Acme in the Secret Cinema production of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

Back in my days of being Dweebie The Robot. Here I am on "Blue Peter".

On "Britain's Got Talent" I decided a way to get myself noticed was to skewer a dozen umbrellas through my head. It worked. I got noticed!

Working as the ship's children's entertainer aboard the Pont Aven, sailing the European Atlantic.

Me aged 41.

Performing as Professor Strange in the finals of the UK Family Entertainer of the Year Award 2022 at Blackpool Magic Convention.

Doing some greenscreen presenting. This was for a series of internet commercials for the AA.

Wingardium Leviosa!

In Hannover, Germany for several weeks presenting a gameshow for Sennheiser at a trade show.

In shock that my film "The Vampires of Bloody Island" actually got a DVD release!

On fire as Professor Strange!

Receiving my membership of The Magic Circle from the president Marvin Berglas.

An early photo of me as a close-up character magician.

Performing as Professor Strange on "Britain's Got talent".

With my lovely wife Pamela who always supports me through my unpredictable life.

Entertaining at a celebrity party as a magic genie.

Way back in 1993 performing at the BBC Concert Theatre in the Hi Q Mensa Variety Show.

Starring as John Wedgewood in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" for the BBC, my first lead role in a TV show.

The Troxy in East London. The beautiful venue where I performed in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?".

Doing my make-up before going onstage as Baron Blood the Vampire Magician at Butlins, circa 2003.

My press release photo when I made the finals of The UK Family Entertainer of the Year Award in 2022.

Performing at the Magic Circle Children's Entertainer of the Year Awards.

Performing close-up magic at a wedding.

Playing a clown on Eastenders. The photo with the sign just had to be done!

Me and my lovely wife Pamela out at an event somewhere.

Performing my umbrella routine as Alan Thorn.

Looks like we've got a problem with giant snails in our garden!

This was a hugely enjoyable job, playing a tacky TV presenter for a Sky Sports promo.

Me as Gizmo, children's entertainer.

With my magic teachers Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger. These two magical geniuses really helped me to lift my game.

It's very hard to get decent photographs while juggling. This one was done in photoshop!

Professor Strange receiving the judges verdict on "Britain's Got Talent".

As Professor Strange on my tricycle.

As Cornish Comedian Eddie Twist in my YouTube series "Twisted Britain".

In my early twenties when I was living in Japan.

Me as the time-travelling magician Professor Strange.

How it all started for me, as a street entertainer with a juggling show.

The first cartoon I had published in The Sun, kicking off a short but busy career as a newspaper cartooonist.

I played a journalist in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

Walking back from rehearsals in Dubai.

After a Christmas event where I'd been performing as Santa. One of those elves is my wife Pamela.

At the film premiere for "The Boat That Rocked".

I was asked to put together a team of performers for a few children's film premieres. So I came up with this madly talented group.

Performing for a children's event at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Performing stand-up comedy as Eddie Twist in 2014.

Working on the ships and sailing into Spain on a baking hot day. Not a bad way to spend a Monday morning!

Performing as Dweebie the Robot. This must have been around 1993.

Two stand-up comics. Me (as Eddie Twist) and Russell Kane setting the world to rights in the kitchen.

I've a regular gig every year as compere for the Leicester St. George Festival. I think I've been doing it for 12 years now.

A regular stop when performing on the ships was Ringaskiddy in Ireland where this fine (and not tacky at all) depiction of Jesus was always there to welcome us.

Way back in 1994 I got together with magician Ian Kendall and juggler David Wolfe to form a street performing trio called Four Fat Ladies.

Performing children's shows as Gizmo.

Here I am in 2022.

Nothing to see here. Just me dressed as the Lion from the Wizard of Oz eating my breakfast!

I decided if Doctor Who has a time machine then Professor Strange should have one too. (Although mine isn't as classy!)

Enjoying a day off in Ireland with fellow travelling magician Daniel Ka.

Pamela and I ran off to Gretna Green one day and got married. It's the best decision I've ever made!

Now where did we park the ship?

Professor Strange performing at The Magic Circle in London.

As Professor Strange backstage at "Britain's Got Talent".

As Professor Strange juggling at a town centre event.

The Magic of Alan Thorn, making butterflies appear.

Ant and Dec watching from the sidelines as I perform on "Britain's Got Talent".

Doing some wizarding.

Me as Dweebie the Robot working with "Hi-de-hi" legend Ruth Madoc.

Promotional poster for the Professor Strange show.

This is how I look every Christmas doing my Santa video calls for

My stage show The Magic of Alan Thorn.

How I appeared in the film "The Ipanema File" playing an evil genius called The Magician. Naturally!

Professor Strange has a cunning plan!

Me as a Victorian themed juggler.

I featured in an episode of "People Just Do Nothing"

As a young and eager actor fresh out of Drama School. I was probably about 23 in this photo.

I love playing a pirate. I get paid in as much treasure as I can bury!

When playing St. George you always need an adorable puppet baby dragon!

The finalists of the UK Family Entertainer of the Year before the show in Blackpool. It was an honor to be amongst them!

The late magician Paul Daniels collected magic posters from around the world and across the years. I'm very proud to be the current owner of much of his collection.

I have no recollection of this, but it's obviously a TV drama or film set in Tudor times. I did so much work as a TV extra it's impossible to remember them all. If anyone can tell me what this is from, or who my "wife" is, I'd love to know.

Enjoying the calm ocean breeze on the coast of Wales after a show.

When working on a ship you can always trust the entertainments team to take the safety drills seriously. (I'm with The Whyte Sisters, singer Lucia Matisse and magician Andy Leach).

Doing an Alice in Wonderland themed children's birthday party as The Mad Hatter.

Now you've seen the photos you might want to make sense of them all by reading my biography page.


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